Ohio Cemetery Allows Owners And Pets To Be Buried Together

Pet CemeteryThe Glendale Cemetery in Akron, Ohio is now allowing pet owners and their beloved pets to be buried together. Pet owners can cremate their pets to be buried in their lots.

John Frank, president of the Friends of Glendale Cemetery board of trustees, said they decided to adopt this new policy because of the numerous requests by pet owners who want to be buried with their pets.

”There are societal changes in our country. Household pets are very important to people. With the changing times, the lot owner who wishes to bury the cremated remains may do so,” Frank said.

The cost for the service is $350, plus the cost of the lot. Flat makers for the pet sites will be permitted, but dog or cat statues will not be allowed.

Source: Akron Beacon Journal

Photo: Houston Humane Society

5 thoughts on “Ohio Cemetery Allows Owners And Pets To Be Buried Together

  1. Since there is an obvious demand for it, and with all respect for the dead or dying, there should be cemetaries that allow Humans and their beloved pet companions be laid to rest next to each other. Those nay sayers who don’t like it can choose to be buried somewhere else. Free County, get out of MY BUSINESS.

  2. Akron isn’t exactly known as a pet-friendly city (and the Summit County Animal Control Facility was considered a “disposal facility” for animals by the last County Executive, which gives you an idea of the kind of mentality in charge).

    So it’s quite nice to see that someone realizes that there are people who take comfort in their animals, even into the great beyond. Hopefully, Akron will start heading in the right direction…

  3. My beautiful hometown! And a gorgeous cemetery. Thanks, Glendale, for acknowledging what many of us already knew – pets are people too.

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