Pets Hurled To Their Deaths In Puerto Rico

Warning: This story may disturb some readers.

Authorities said that animal control workers in Puerto Rico seized dozens of dogs and cats from housing projects and hurled them from a bridge to their deaths.

The mayor of Barceloneta, Sol Luis Fontanez, said Animal Control Solution, a contractor, was hired to clear three housing projects of pets after residents were warned about a no-pet policy.

They were paid $60 for every animal found and an additional $100 for each trip to a nearby animal shelter.

After Animal Control Solution cleared the housing projects of pets, witnesses said they saw animal control workers inject the animals. The workers said it was a sedative for the drive to the shelter.

Animal welfare activists and witnesses said the seized pets and strays were not taken to a shelter. Instead the animals were thrown from a 50 feet bridge in the neighboring town of Vega Baja.

“Many were already dead when they threw them, but others were alive,” said a witness. “Some of the animals managed to climb to the highway even though they were all battered, but about 50 animals remained there, dead.”

The owner of Animal Control Solution said: “We have never thrown animals off any place. We always take them to our local shelter and euthanize them. They can’t prove that they are the same dogs that we picked up.”

Fontanez said this was an inhumane and shameful act. He has cancelled the city’s contract with Animal Control Solution and the city is considering a lawsuit against the contractor.

Source: CNN

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13 thoughts on “Pets Hurled To Their Deaths In Puerto Rico

  1. Those witnesses should learn how to use their cell phone cameras! Sue Animal Control Solution and put it out of business for good!

  2. Those witnesses should learn how to use their cell phone cameras! Sue Animal Control Solution and put it out of business for good AND jail the contractor!

  3. How anyone could do such a heinous act is beyond belief. I hope that these folks are held responsible for their crimes and that they never have contact with another animal. This is just awful! I hope that those animals who made it to the highway were taken in and either treated or humanely euthanized.

  4. I hope that there is effective legal action against Animal “Control Solution” (always a double meaing) and somehow punishment (karma) takes care of the sht-heads that did the tossing off the bridge. This was probably just one of many times through the years that the act was actually witnessed. Those people have no hearts.

  5. LOL, Donna, after jumping through their hoops to send an email, I got this message from them:


    Please note that your inquiry will be pre-screened by our spam filtering system.
    If we find out that you are sending a spam email to our members, your account may be deactivated immediately without a notice.

    (I’m not Jose Melendez…)

  6. At least the mayor is taking action. I’m so glad he is canceling (canceled) the contract! I hope the city sues and wins!

    Who the “eff” has the authority to sieze pets, anyway? I’ve lived in a place with more pets than allowed, and no one EVER tried to take my pets. Maybe it’s something people do in PR.

    ~The Lioness

  7. ah, yes, animal control-the people some feel should be in control of the weight of family pets…..

    were the families of the too fat pets fined and cited before or after their cubby animal was tossed in the drink?

  8. I have lived in Puerto Rico for 3 years now. I have one dog, which I brought from the US…she’s my baby.

    With that said, I hardly ever like to leave my house because I come home TORMENTED DAILY because of the outrageous treatment of animals all around this country. The government does nothing. Most people don’t care. And even those who “claim” to care, do NOT care to the standards that they should. What do I mean by that? I know someone who had two cats…she claimed she loved them, but she allowed them to roam the streets every single day…I constantly watched the cats and told my neighbors that there were many stray dogs around at night and that on more than one ocassion I had to run out of my house and scare the dogs away because they were running behind her cats or other stray cats…They did NOTHING…There was always an excuse of “they just get out of the house”…BS! I have a dog and my dog NEVER gets out of the house becaues we keep our doors LOCKED! Long story short, one cat disappeared…You’d think they’d get it? No, one morning I go to my front yard and the neighbor across the street calls me and asks me if the dead cat in her front lawn is my neighbors…I could not even go to look…The neighbor claimed that she heard the dogs barking and going wild early in the morning, but she did NOT bother to even check…Geez! It could’ve been a person they were attacking…yet, people don’t care!

    I see it every single day. My other neighbor claims to love dogs, with so many stray dogs, he decides that HIS dog should have puppies…so that he can keep one and sell the others! Now, his dogs are ALWAYS outside…every single day…I barely get any sleep because they are cosntantly barking because of the other stray dogs that roam around at night…

    There is not a day that I don’t go out that I don’t see a dog or a cat roaming the streets or dead on the street…At the Wal-Mart parking lot there was a poor dog who can barely walk…it’s always there…you’d think that Wal-Mart would do something at least…No, they do nothing…

    The vet knows me as the cat lady because once a stray cat came to our house and I took him to the vet when I saw his eye was scratched/bloody…Stupid me, I gave him to my neighbor because he wanted a cat (my kiddo is allergic) and of course, it only stayed there a couple of days before he gave it away…

    Again, the people who are complaining MIGHT actually be responsible pet owners, but I’m telling you that EXCEPT the Human Society and/or PETA in Puerto Rico, 98% of people do not care about animals at all. Yes, these public housing people might be upset because they got rid of their pets, but honestly, I can assure you that most of those pets were running around the complex and outside of the complex…I see it every single day…and those people claim to be responsible pet owners who love their animals…

    My other neighbor did a report about all the animals that people leave at a monument called El Jibaro which is on the main highway between San Juan and Ponce…This is a daily occurrence here…I cannot take this nightmare any longer…if I had the money, I would do something, but I don’t have the money (I do feed the dogs I see, when I can, but my kiddo has special needs and I have to pay for his therapies…)…

    Again, there is not a city/town that cares about animals…Where we live people CONSTANTLY let their pets roam the streets…We constantly are picking up pets and finding their owners to get them back to safety…and honestly, even those people just say …”Oh, thanks…he runs away all the time…blah, blah…or I didn’t even notice he was gone…”…If it was MY dog, I would be running around the streets crying my head off…and that’s what people in the US do, as well as other civilized countries…but sadly, this country is NOT civilized…Civilized people do NOT treat animals with such disrespect…

    PS – In case anyone attempts to scream that I should not talk about people in Puerto Rico in this manner, I AM from Puerto Rico…I’m not someone talking from the oustide…and honestly, it makes me sick to my stomach to know that people where I come from are more worried about looks and the latest flat screen TV than they are about the humane treatment of all animals…

    And please, the governor needs to keep his mouth shut…He’s worthless…as he continues to allow COCK FIGHTING in this island…which is a HORRENDOUS cruelty to animals…

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