Pet’s Medical Bills Piling Up?

Whether it’s the recalled food or something else, we know that vet bills can be quite a burden. We talked with the wonderful Heather at Feline Outreach and she provided a list of several organizations that provide financial assistance for cats and dogs. Full list is after the jump.

If you are looking to contribute, there are many suffering pets and their parents who can use your help. To donate to Feline Outreach, go here.

Please contact the following organizations about their financial assistance process:

American Animal Hospital Association
[], (866) 4HELPETS
“The heartbreak happens all too often? A pet owner is unable to afford treatment and their sick or injured companion animal pays the price. If the owner is elderly, disabled or on a fixed income, the cost of care may be too much of a stretch for their pocketbook. Perhaps they have been victimized by crime, property loss or a job layoff and are experiencing a temporary financial hardship? Making it too difficult to afford pet care. And some animals, brought to clinics by Good Samaritans, don’t have an owner to pay for treatment. Whatever the situation, the fact remains the same: When sick or injured animals are unable to receive veterinary care, they suffer. Through the AAHA Helping Pets Fund, veterinary care is possible for sick or injured pets even if they have been abandoned or if their owner is experiencing financial hardship.”

Angels 4 Animals
[], (916) 941-9119
“Angels4Animals, a non-profit organization and a program of Inner Voice Community Services, has a mission to serve as the guardian angel of animals whose caretakers find themselves in difficult financial situations. At Angels4Animals we believe that animal owners should not have to say goodbye to the animals that they love. Our work is accomplished in conjunction with veterinary clinics across the country, eager to assist as many animals, and their owners, as possible. Our services range from financial aid to complete treatment to those pets and pet owners in need.”

Care Credit
[], (800) 859-9975
A credit card company for health care, including veterinary care. “Care Credit, the leader in patient/client financing, has helped more than 3 million patients/clients get the treatment or procedures they needed and wanted. With a comprehensive range of plan options, for treatment or procedure fees from $1 to over $25,000, we offer a plan and a low monthly payment to fit comfortably into almost every budget.”

Cats in Crisis
“Cats in Crisis Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals and humane organizations care for cats with chronic or emergency medical conditions through financial and fundraising assistance.”

Feline Outreach
“Feline Outreach is a charitable organization formed to promote the routine and medical care of companion animals, particularly cats. Among other goals, the organization maye enable shelters and the public to adopt, keep, and/or care for companion animals, particularly those with special needs – this support may be financial, educational, or in other forms.

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance (FVEAP)
[], Fax: (888) 301-4264
“The NEED & The HELP: Seniors, People with disabilities, People who have lost their job, Good Samaritans who rescue a cat or kitten – any of these folks may need financial assistance to save a beloved companion.” The Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization that provides financial assistance to cat and kitten guardians who are unable to afford veterinary services to save their companions when life-threatening illness or injury strikes.

[], (630) 986-9504
“Our efforts focus on serving the elderly, the disabled, and the working poor. For lonely seniors, physically/mentally challenged individuals and children of working parents, pets represent much more than a diversion.”

[], Fax: (630) 214-8952
“Mission Statement: Helping people help pets. To better the lives of sick, injured and abused companion animals. We are dedicated to insure that no companion animal has to be euthanized simply because their caretaker is financially challenged.” (Note: IMOM has a special fund for diabetic cats)

Shakespeare Animal Fund
[], (775) 342-7040
“Anyone can apply for funds, but SAF offers assistance primarily to those on fixed incomes or with annual incomes below $35,000. Exceptions are made depending on circumstances. It is always a one-time grant”

The Pet Fund
[], (916) 443-6007
“The Pet Fund is a registered 501(c) 3 nonprofit association that provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who need urgent veterinary care. Often animals are put down or suffer needlessly because their owners cannot afford expensive surgery or emergency vet visits. Companion animal owners must often make the difficult decision to put an animal down or neglect urgent medical needs because of the costs involved. The purpose of the Pet Fund is to work towards a future where decisions about companion animal medical care need never be made on the basis of cost.”

United Animal Nations
[], (916) 429-2457
“The mission of LifeLine is to help homeless or recently rescued animals suffering from life-threatening conditions that require specific and immediate emergency veterinary care. We strive to serve Good Samaritans and rescue groups who take in sick or injured animals. In certain cases, LifeLine can also assist senior citizens and low-income families pay for immediate emergency veterinary care.”

Listing of other organizations that may not be listed here: []

20 thoughts on “Pet’s Medical Bills Piling Up?

  1. all you folks are doing a wonderful job of helping our very loved critters…we have 9 rescued and now ageing cats and are sooo worried about this food thing.i read you almost every day and will be more with it when the e-mail gets unmessed up…i’m a beginner.thanks again for all the help your giving all of us.

  2. I believe Banfield, early in the recall, announced they would offer free recall-related testing for cats and dogs potentially affected by the recall. I’ve been searching for the news article/press release, but can’t seem to find it now. If anyone else has it, please post…

  3. Thank you Itchmo for this wonderful information. I wish I could have had it last year as Purr-Purr suffered and wasted away. I could not afford the vet visits at $45 and the blood tests. She died of CRF on July 16, 2006. She was a wonderful friend and a healer.

  4. I am just overwhelmed, I am disabled and have AIDS I currently have no income applying for disability is a long process, but I have a Pug name Pumpkin he turned 2 years old in February and I have had him since he was 3 months old he is the only one thing in my life I adore the most besides God, and Pumpkin loves and adores me so much more than I could ever imagine. But he has had eye problems and has seem to have lost his sight or nearly and he fractured his front leg I dont know how I can save his sight or repair his leg but I also dont know how I can live with out him either. I need help quick and pledges to help with the cost. Both I am told will require surgery. I know this may not be the correct forum but If someone reads this and can help me with Pumpkin or point us un the right direction i would be very thankful. email me at adidas4me @

  5. my beagle has been injuried. he has been checked out by the vets .but looks like they made need to do more work on him.i am disabled and Ineed help with vets bill

  6. Thank you so much for this article. As we speak my kitty is very sick from a thyroid condition. I may be able to save her with help from these spectacular organizations. While some of these links are broken the majority of them are working fine. Thank you again for posting this! I was beginning to lose hope.

  7. I have a German Shepard and the vet does not know what is wrong with her. He wants me to take her to a specialist and I can not afford to. Is there anyone that can help me? She can not walk around and her joints are becoming deformed. Please help me.

  8. I have a German SHepard and the vet does not know what is wrong with her. He wants me to take her to a specialist and I can not afford to. Is there anyone that can help me? She can not walk around and her joints are becoming deformed. Please help me.

  9. Hey, I am looking for funds for further assistance for Pookie Pie who is the Queen of Sunset Park. She still walks with dignity even though she seems to be wheezing and breathing hard due to an enlarged heart. It cost me $394.00 on Sunday @ Park Slope Veterinary Care located in Brooklyn, New York where I live. I know further tests are required and that is more $. I have to feed her water and honey and baby food chicken right now through a syringe because she doesn’t want to eat. She still wags her tail and will move from one room to the other. She is a small Shih-Tzu. She is white and has grey spots. She is 6 years old. My 16 yr old son is very concerned. I have the virus and am presently receiving disability SSI. My name is Catherine (C) (917) 825-7094. Pookies blood sugar was (1) on Sunday and is supposed to be between (70) and (138). How did all this happen? It is a mystery. She lost approx 3 lbs in one month from being 11 lbs. She was a lively and courageous (sometimes!) girl barking at many dogs some much bigger than she. My mother keeps telling me to “put her down” which means let her die/creamate her because the costs will keep rising and that there is no way that she will positively pull through this. Please give me a call for we have faith, some friends and myself and my son. Thanks for reading!

  10. I just left a detailed message about Pookie Pie our white and grey small shih-tzu. It seems that I don’t know if it will be sent. My cell is (917) 825-7094 Home is (718) 972-1127. We live in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. We have had Pookie Pie all of her 6 years and now she is sick. The vets bill was $394 on Sunday 7/20/08. We really need some financial networking because I don’t know how to get her to pull through this. She has an enlarged heart, won’t eat or drink on her own, had a dangerous score of (1) on blood sugar instead of 70 – 138. How this happened is a mystery. She was a lively girl before all of this. If you have any ideas please contact me: Catherine. I am presently receiving SSI because of a disability. I don’t want to put her down uneccessarily.

  11. It is so nice. Very nice writing style. It is nice to see. There was some other position I read awhile ago on another site that helped me in the same way yours has helped take me to the following step.

    Thanks and all the best!

  12. my four year old doxie needs to have back surgery, it is going to cost $4000.00. we don’t have the money, does anyone know where i can get it.

    thank you!!!!

  13. I live the San Diego area.

  14. Our five year old doxie needs back surgery it cost 4000 we do not have the money does any one know where I can get help?

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