Premium Edge Cat Food Withdrawal/Possible Thiamine Deficient Premix

Rumors were swirling yesterday via Twitter regarding “possible” problems with a cat food called Premium Edge.  Those rumors reported that a Dr. Hubbard from Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital in Rochester, NY, was looking for any other vets who might be treating cats with neurological symptoms who had eaten certain lots/dates of Premium Edge Finky Adult and Hairball products.  (585) 227-4990

Susan Thixton reports that she has contacted Diamond Pet Food (manufacturer of Premium Edge) and confirmed that certain lots are being withdrawn from retail outlets.

See Susan’s blog for further details, including affected date codes.

If you have been feeding your cats this product and particular lots/dates and your cats are exhibiting decreased appetite followed by neurological symptoms, please contact your vet, Dr. Hubbard, and Diamond Pet Food.

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3 thoughts on “Premium Edge Cat Food Withdrawal/Possible Thiamine Deficient Premix

  1. FOR PETES SAKE! Are “we” getting as bad as the Chinese? Or do they own the company???

  2. Vet at twitter posted she is now taking care of an affected cat in NYC—is this now outside of Rochester and vets are taking notice?

    We need some sort of central reporting agency where faxes to all vet clinics can be used to notify them of problems like this…and we need it now!

  3. this is uncalled for with all these pet food companies. I have always fed high quality food to both dogs and cats and even those have trouble with bad foof. They have no problem charging high $$$ but try to keep the monies in their own pocket and put out cheap food.

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