Where is Blue Buffalo’s Food Really Made?

Lortscher Agri Service, Inc. in Bern, Kansas, says they purchased Chinese rice protein concentrate from Wilbur-Ellis to create dry pet food for another company. In fact, they issued a recall on April 20. Who in turn, sold it as Blue Buffalo food.

Company spokesman Tim Krehbiel declined to name the pet food maker or confirm them on a list provided by Itchmo. PetFoodTracker found this release that links C.J. Foods with LASI. C.J. Foods was sold (and recalled) as Blue Buffalo’s Spa Select Kitten Dry Food.

LASI produces dry food for cats and dogs. Only Blue Buffalo’s cat food was recalled.

Their full release after the jump.

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20 April 2007

Lortscher Agri Service is supporting a voluntary recall of a single pet food diet.

LASI provided a flour mixture to a single batch of a single line of pet food.

The pet food contained a contaminated rice protein concentrate. That contaminated rice protein concentrate was an ingredient provided to LASI.

Testing was initiated by Lortscher Agri Service (Lortscher) and its pet food production customers when it was revealed that a respected supplier of ingredients
had found melamine in a common pet food ingredient. Lortscher first contacted the supplier who expressed that they did not anticipate any problems with the lot purchased by Lortscher. Lortscher began testing samples of raw ingredient as well as blended pet food to verify. Initial testing indicates contamination is limited to a single tote bag of rice protein used in a single production run of a single diet.

FDA and the pet food companies involved were immediately notified. The pet food companies responded quickly and appropriately to limit consumer exposure.

Lortscher Agri Service and their pet food production customers have expanded the testing process to verify and to assure customers that no other diet made by Lortscher Agri Service has been affected.

Lortscher Agri Service is a family business in rural Kansas. They have been
Producing high quality pet food for nearly 30 years and together with their
customers have chosen to implement standards of quality that are among the
highest in the industry. Rand Schafer, General Manager of Lortscher Agri Service
takes pride in these standards stating, “I firmly believe that our pro-active stance and our dedication to a safe, high quality pet food supply has paid off today as we, along with our customers, were able to help protect the pet food supply from a majority of the tainted product. We are upset that any tainted pet food was released and are taking steps to further tighten the security net for all ingredients.”

Lortscher Agri Service is taking the following steps:
1) Expanding sampling and testing procedures.
2) Have joined a task force working for better origin labeling.
3) Working to make supply chain for ingredients used by Lortscher more transparent.
4) Working to make sure supply chain has appropriate systems and controls in place to assure Quality and Safety from source to shelf.

If you have questions you may contact Tim Krehbiel at 785-336-6171

11 thoughts on “Where is Blue Buffalo’s Food Really Made?

  1. I am wondering if Lortscher provided a flour blend to CJ Foods. They also mention their “customers” like there is more than one. Possibly one of the companies that supplied the feed to the hogs and possibly chickens ?

    So now I get to check the ingredient lists for rice flour. But then again, if the manufacturers are just adding whatever they want to the food they make for other companies, who knows. I am pretty much suspect of everything now.

  2. I am wondering what else CJ foods makes that is then affected? Others have several brands continuing to fall out. Only one from CJ?

  3. Additional Blue Buffalo products were added on 4/26/07 See “List of Recalled Items PetSmart Carries” at http://media.corporate-ir.net/media_files/irol/19/196265/Customer_Handout.pdf

    Yet, the bluebuff.com site states: In response to some pet parent confusion and incorrect reporting by the Associated Press, we want you to know the following:

    1. No BLUE dog food has been recalled. The voluntary recall is limited to one production run of dry Spa Select Kitten Food, production code:

    “Best Used By Mar. 07 08 B.”

    So, is PetSmart acting on the AP report or is the bluebuff.com website out of date with the info?

  4. I noticed at pet smart the bags of blue buffalo look much different then the bags look on the Blue site and it’s one reason I decided not to try it because it made me wonder if they make a different grade of Blue just for Pet Smart or have two different companys making their foods.

    Another question I have been woindering about is Pedigree has never had one problem or recall and they have wheat and corn gluten in their foods and it’s just dificult to believe with the crap ingredients they use that they are so careful about testing or the company who makes their foods is.

    By the way who on earth does make Pedigree anyway?

    Kathy Hayes

  5. Doona,

    Thank you for that info.

    Dear heavens finding out who makes what for who is so complicated .

    By this time my head is spinning and I’m so confused.

    This was a big help.

    For now my Ollie is on prescription ID and may need surgery to remove bladder stones and crystals.

    He had been eating Pedigree and got severe diarrhea thats still not quite under control but now its because of the stress of thinking he has to urinate constantly.

    Lucky doig had a mom who tried a small amount of Sensible Choice as a treat thinking perhaps he could no longer digest the Pedigree with so much corn in it.

    Of course a week after that stupid decision Royal Canin redalled the Sensible Choice and the day before that recall he had developed cystitis and this week we had an MRI and sonigram and found the stones after the urinalysis showed crystals and melamine.

    Lets hope this all ends soon.

    Oh by the way Blue Buffalo was also one of the foods I had been considdering for when he got the diarrhea streightened out.

    Ollie doesn’t trust my judgement any more ,can you blame him.

    After this mess is all over I’m thinking about California Natural or Canidae.

    Hope I dont bring them bad luck just by thinking about using them.

    Kathy Hayes

  6. Blue Buffalo website has a notice now that they are recalling all canned dog food, and health bars. I called them late yesterday and actually had a call this morning, we spoke for along time, and the woman was really wonderful, and sounded really heart sick. She said that they had always tested all their batches for any pesticides, toxins, etc. but had no idea that there was a possibility of melanine. She also said that they had always carefully monitored their suppliers and sources, and not in so many words said that they had been lied to by their suppliers.

  7. You know I would almost feel sorry for Blue Buffalo except for one little thing.

    When I spoke with their company rep a few weeks back while I was searching for a good safe food that person told me that Blud had reps from their company on scene in the plants that made all their food and tested every ingredient before it went into the food and samples of each rjn before it went to market and that they made sure their recipe was followed to the letter and that only the finest ingredients went into every product.

    On their site and bags no rice protien was in the ingredients.

    Well now they claim the company who made tieir food put in rice protien concentrate and never told them about it so something doesnt sound right or is it just me.

    Royal Canin and Natural Balance did the same thing by not listing the rice gluten or rice protien concentrate till after they recalled the foods.

    I think after all this I will never take anything any company claims at face value.

    Ollie is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday to remove bladder stones and crystals thanks to someones bad judgement is all i know.

    Kathy Hayes and sick guide dog Ollie

  8. You are more than welcome, Kathy!

    I, also have sick pets at home, so I know how you feel. A cat on antibiotics and prescription food and a dog on antibiotics, awaiting test results. I sure hope yours will be okay – without the operation.

    My cat was diagnosed with the “crystals”, the latest “feast” served was DelMonte’s (a Nestle/Purina subsidiary) Beneful Beef Stew with wheat gluten, which my dog ate, too. We were a Purina family. So, contrary to what the manufacturers would love you or me or everyone to believe, my heart, my deceased Shepherd and my sick ones tell me the contamination made the whole gambit, not just a handful of manufacturers or selected manufacturing sites.

    I am pretty tapped out on the financial end like most, having rushed one to the animal hospital, treated, put to rest and cremated before the story broke, and now trying to save my cat and dog, with more work to be done on both. The only recourse I see is to grab some equity or max out my credit cards – will the manufacturer pay my equity loan or credit card bills? Along with the hospital, vet and cremation bill for my Shepherd? In addition to the expenses I will continue to incur for my remaining two, I wonder?

    The one thing I do know is that I don’t want my dog’s death to have been in vain because she died as a result of someone’s GROSS MISCONDUCT AND NEGLIGENCE.

    Ironically, if she were a person, this would be considered MANSLAUGHTER, but because she was a dog … it would not hold up in a court of law.

    Such a sad state of affairs we have here in the US, as I sit here shaking my head at this whole dog food nightmare.

  9. Dear Donna,

    My heart goes out to you and your two babies still being treated.
    I also wish for your GSD to not have died for no resson,that her death would serve along with so many others to at least make the world wake to the way pet foods as wel as ours are manufactured.
    That laow would change because of all this and we could feel safe feeding our loved pets as well as our familys one day.

    I do volunteer work in a pet loss grief support chat room and we have ben quite busy over this last month or so.
    Much more then usual.

    There is a candle ceremony every monday night and the number of people signed in on mondays has grown to 135 recently.

    There is always someone in that room at most times to offer support and comfort and let people talk about the loss of their pets as much as they need to.We who go there have all been through loss and understand the pain all to well.

    I lost my first guide dog at 132 years and 5 months on December 23 of 2004 and now my present guide could be lost because of neglegence.That is just WRONG.

    I would love to be able to talk with you more then we can here but as i’m sure you don’t i hesitate to post my e mail address.

    the site i go to is petloss.com you can post messages on their message board and I am a registered member of the board so you can reach me through the inbox messaging there.

    My user name there is aurichwolf

    My prayers are with you.

    Love and Blessings


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